How Much Does a Cellular Trail Camera Plan Cost

Finding the best trail camera for your needs can be a daunting task, but when you add in all the options that a cellular trail camera gives you, it can be down right impossible.  Among some of the most important trail camera features such as picture quality and price, with cellular cameras you also have to look for coverage in your area, along with cellular plans that will not break your budget. 

How much does a cellular trail camera plan cost?

The average cost of a cellular trail camera plan is $8 for every 1,000 photos. Depending on the manufacturer and the service plan you choose, however, a cellular service can cost anywhere from free all the way up to $1,000 per year.

It can be excruciatingly time consuming to find and sort through all of the different data options that are available.  The amount of effort it takes, could deter you away from ever wanting to use a cellular trail camera.   Don’t worry we did all the leg work for you.  In an attempt to provide you with all the information you need to to make the best decision you can. 

As we all know the prices of cellular plans can and do change at any moment.  We will work at trying to keep up with those changes and keep this page up to date for you on a bi- annual basis.  We will be sure to inform you of the last date we have updated the information below.

Last Updated : June, 2023

Manufacturer Plans

For most the easiest way to set up a cellular trail camera plan is go directly through the manufacturer.  While this is not offered by all trail camera companies, most provide this convenient benefit.  There is no messing with data rates with a third party wireless provider, and no frustration of trying to jump through the loops of adding devices to your current cell phone plans. 

With these companies you simply purchase the camera and activate your camera on their website.  They provide you with the exact amount of photos you will be able to download a month, and give you excellent support in setting up your camera.

Spy Point Cellular Plans

Spy Point trail cameras are one of the leading cellular trail camera manufactures in the world, and they make accessing, setting up and using their cameras as simple as possible.  They offer only 4 data plans, ranging from free to $15 per month, making the decision process simple and straight forward.  

Since 2019 they began offering the Spypoint Experience. This feature gives you access to their Buck Tracker software, free mobile app, cloud storage, GPS Geotag, and live chat.

One unique feature that we particularly like is the Buck Tracker software.  This software allows you to place a filter on your trail camera photos, that will identify if a deer has antlers or not.  Using this filter will only show you photos of antlered deer, and eliminate the countless pictures you receive of does and fawns, saving you time while looking over all of your photos.  

Spypoint offers a wide variety of prices for cellular trail cameras from $120 to $300. Each camera has its own specific features giving you plenty of options to choose from. If you are looking for a good deal, we were surprised at some of the deals you can find on Spypoint trail camera at Amazon.

Photos Per Month1002501000Unltd
Spypoint Experience
Month to Month PriceFree$5 / Mth$10 / Mth$15 / Mth
Annual SubscriptionFree$4 / Mth$7 / Mth$10/Mth

Bushnell Cellular Plans

Bushnell home of the Trophy Cam series cameras, also allows you to set up your cellular data package directly through their website.  As most cellular trail cameras, the images that are sent to you are simply thumbnails, but Bushnell offers you the ability to send full resolution images as well as video uploads.   

In 2022 they updated their available cellular packages making them much more price competitive. With the upgrade of their cellular packages, they also came out with their new cellular series the CelluCore.

Monthly Trail Camera Plans

Data PackageMonthly ThumbnailsHigh Resolution ImagesVideo DownloadsPrice Per Month
2000 Photos2000105$9.99

Covert Cellular Plans

Since we began tracking the price of cellular trail camera plans, back in 2018, the price of Covert plans have gone down significantly. With the increase in popularity in their brand they have been able to buy more coverage, at a cheaper price, and have been able to pass those prices on to the consumer.

Since 2021 Covert has thrown their hat into the Link game, allowing up to 9 trail cameras to link to one single base camera, using their LoRa system. This allows you to link all of your covert LoRa cameras together and by having only one trail camera on your LoRa plan, you will never have to add additional cameras to your LoRa plan. If you run multiple wireless cameras, it is definitely worth checking out.

Verizon & At&T Monthly 

PicturesPricePaymentAdditional Camera

Verizon & At&T Quarterly

PicturesPricePaymentAdditional Camera (Quarterly)

Verizon & At&T Annually

PicturesPricePaymentAdditional Camera (Annually)
15,000$74.99Annually $60
1 Million$849.99Annually$60

Monthly International Data Plans

PicturesPriceAdditional Camera

LoRa Monthly Plans


LoRa Quarterly Plans


LoRa Yearly Plans

1 Million$999.99

CuddeBack Cellular Plans

Cuddeback offers a unique plan structure for those who are taking advantage of the Cuddelink system.  With Cuddelink, you can connect up to 16 cameras, sending all of the photos to one single camera. With their plan you can receive photos from all 16 cameras with one single plan.  The best part of it all is, you only need one cellular camera to do this.  All of the other cameras will link to the cellular camera through their proprietary wireless network. 

If you do not use the Cuddelink system, you also have the option of having a single camera data plan as well.

Cuddde Link Cell Plans

Photo / MonthMonthly PlanAnnual PlanOverage
750 / Month$15 / Month$120/ Year$5 / 1,000 Images
2000 / Month$20 / Month$180/ year$5 / 1,000 Images
Unlimited$40 / Month$360 / YearN/A

Cuddeback Single Camera

Photos / MonthMonthly PriceAnnual PriceFull Image Downloads
250$5/Month$50/Year$5/ 50 Images
500$8/Month$80/Year$5/ 50 Images
Unlimited$13/ Month$130/Year$5/ 50 Images

Browning Cellular Plans

In 2020 Browning came out with their first cellular trail camera the Browning Defender. Since their first Cell camera they have expanded their line of Defender series cameras to the Defender Ridgeline, Defender Pro Scout, and the Defender Vision.

Their cellular plans for this camera however are a bit pricey at first glance. The added feature of being able to receive additional High Definition downloads each month, is different than most plans where you have to pay for each HD download.

Browning’s cellular plans are the same for both AT&T and Verizon carriers, and there is no activation charge on the first trail camera on each plan. Adding an additional camera to a plan, there is a $5 per month additional camera charge.

Verizon and AT&T Monthly Plan

PlanPhotosPriceHD DownloadsCameras Per Plan
Scout Plus2,400$12.9910 ImagesUp to 2
Hunter3,000$19.9950 ImagesUp to 3
Hunter Plus6,000$29.99300 ImagesUp to 4
Guide Pro12,000$49.99400 ImagesUp to 6
*Unlimited plan has a $9.99 charge per camera added

Moultrie Cellular Plans

Moultrie over the years has been playing around with new innovative ways to make all of their trail cameras, even stand alone cameras, have mobile ability with their Moultrie Mobile devises. In 2021 however they have decided to stray away from this plan and compete with in the cost effective category with Tactacam and Spypoint, with their new Camera the Moultrie Delta, with an MSRP of $99. When this camera hits the shelves in early summer, it might be worth a shot to capture some of Moultrie’s quality at such a cheap price.

The monthly and annual plans for lower photo quantities is competitive with other camera manufacturers in the market, but when you get into their Pro series the cost of their plans begin to get a bit pricey.

Monthly Plans

PlanPhotosPriceVideo Uploads
Standard1000 / Month$9.9910 / Month
UnlimitedUnlimited$16.9950 / Month
Pro Series*Unlimited$34.9950 / Month
* Pro Series in the only Plan in which you can add additional cameras at a cost of $7.99 per camera per month.

Annual Plans

PlanPhotosPriceVideo Uploads
Standard 1,000 / Month$107.8810 / Month
UnlimitedUnlimited$155.8850 / Month
Pro Series *Unlimited$275.8850 / Month
* Pro Series in the only Plan in which you can add additional cameras at a cost of $7.99 per camera per month.

Exodus Cellular Plans

Exodus Trail Cameras released their first Cellular trail camera in the fall of 2019, the Exodus Render. This camera’s service is only available through Verizon Carriers.

Exodus uses a third party service, Scoutek to handle their cellular service plans. These plans are considerably cheap, as there is no added fees for downloading HD photos, just the amount of data that is used in doing so. They do have a $7 activation fee per camera, but with unlimited amount of trail cameras that can be added. They do have an overage fee of $0.15 per MB of overage.

Data / MonthEstimated PhotosPrice / Month
5 MB100$1
25 MB500$3
50 MB1,000$5
100 MB2,000$10
250 MB5,000$15
500 MB10,000$20
1 GB20,000$30
2 GB40,000$60
5 GB100,000$120
10 GB200,000$220

Spartan Cellular Plans

Spartan Trail cameras is one of the leaders in performance when it comes to cellular trail cameras. The Spartan GoCam is their flagship camera. How they price their plans is a little bit different than most companies. With only 3 options for monthly service plans and 2 options for quarterly plans, it makes your decision process a bit less complicated.

The quality of Spartan trail cameras is in a league above others. If you are in search of a high quality camera that works without fail, is uncomplicated to set up and provides quality photos, give Spartan a serious look.

Spartan Verizon & AT&T Plans

500 MB1 Month$15.99
1 GB1 Month$22.99
2 GB1 Months$32.99
1 GB3 Months$35.99
3 GB3 Months$64.99
6 GB6 Months$109.99
12 GB12 Months$199.99
To add a camera there is a $5 / camera fee per month

Stealth Cellular Plans

Since 2020 Stealth Trail Cameras have been handling their data plans in house. With the release of their new trail camera the Stealth Fusion, and their new app The Stealth Cam Command App, they are offering both AT&T and Verizon compatible trail cameras.

They offer one year free of cloud storage with their service plans, as well as the ability to upgrade for $5 to their Pro Scout management features that include animal detecting and filing as well as security tracking.

Unlike other companies, Stealth has broken down their cellular plans based on the model of camera you are using. So be sure to pay attention to the plans, and match them up with the camera you are looking at purchasing.

Stealth Fusion Plans

ImagesMonthly PlanAnnual Plan
Pro Bundle*$50$480
* 36,000 Images, 3 Cameras included, add $5 per additional camera

Muddy Manifest Plans

ImagesMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Pro Bundle*$50$480
* 36,000 Images, 3 Cameras included, add $5 per additional camera

WXA / WXV Monthly Plans

Images / MonthPrice / MonthAdditional Cameras
625 Photos$5No
1250 Photos$10No
6,250 Photos$14No
12,500 Photos$20No
62,500 Photos$60No

Tactacam Cellular Plans

In 2020 Tactacam took the cellular trail camera market by storm, by introducing the Reveal. This camera comes in at a very reasonable price and reliable service. Since, however the demand for these cameras has sky rocketed and it is hard to find them in stock. In 2021 they released their second camera the Reveal X. Now they have a complete lineup of cellular trail cameras, with the Reveal XB and the Reveal Pro.

These line of cameras are some of the easiest in on the market to operate, with affordable Cellular plans, and just simple quality trail cameras.

Monthly Plans

PlanPhotosPriceAdditional Camera
Starter250$5$5 / Camera
Intermediate500$8$7.5 / Camera
ProUnlimited$13$12 / Camera

Annual Plans

PlanPhotosPriceAdditional Camera
Starter250 / Month$55$55 / Camera
Intermediate500 / Month$85$75 / Camera
ProUnlimited$120$96 / Camera

Wildgame Innovations Cellular Plans

Wildgame Innovations, known for their cost effective trail cameras, has dipped their toes into the cellular trail camera game with their new model the Enounter Cell. The teamed up with Huntsmart app to provide a cheap, innovative way to bring you cellular service. This camera works with all cellular networks nation wide, and covers both 3G and 4G frequencies.

At first glance, the packages can be a little bit confusing, but each package is photo plan has a scouting app plan included. So first pick your photo submission plan, than look at the benefits that come along with the plan.

PlanPhotosMonthly PriceAnnual PriceIncluded App Plan
GoldUnlimited$12 / Month$120 / YearPro Hunter
Silver 1250$10 / Month$96/ YearWeekend Warrior
Bronze250$5 / Month$48/ YearScout

Included App Plan

Pro HunterWeekend WarriorScout
Cloud Storage1 Year6 Months30 Days
Mapping ToolXXX
Weather ForecastXXX
Photo SortingXXX
Image RecognitionXX
Moon GuideXX
Species RecognitionX
Hit ListX
Hunt PredictorX
Buck ScoringX

Cellular Service Providers

This is where things might get slightly tricky when buying a cellular trail camera.  Other cellular trail camera providers, such as Wildgame Innovations and Moultrie simply manufacturer the trail camera, and allow you to go through a wireless provider yourself to purchase a data package.  When you use a cellular provider, you no longer will get a photo count, but rather a data measurement. 

I wont speculate how many pictures you will receive per set amount of data, and after talking with different service providers, they wont either.  All I can say to help you in this decision is that some trail camera companies claim you will get 10,000 photos for every 1 GB, while others have claimed you will receive 5,000.   

With these plans, you can either add them to your existing shared data plan, or you can purchase plans individually.  You can use multiple trail cameras on the same plan, but there is a charge per month for every camera you add.


With AT&T you have the option to have prepaid data, in which you will assure that you never get charged with overages, or you can take advantage of their monthly shared data plan, where you have the option of adding multiple cameras to one single plan.

Monthly Data Plans

Data PlanDataPriceOverage
Data Connect250 MB$15$14.99 / 250 MB
Data Connect3 GB$30$10 / 1GB
Mobile Share Data4 GB$30$10 / 1GB
Mobile Share Data6 GB$40$10 / 1GB
Mobile Share Data10 GB$60$10 / 1GB
Mobile Share Data15 GB$90$10 / 1GB
Mobile Share Data20 GB$110$10 / 1GB
Mobile Share Data30 GB$185$10 / 1GB
Mobile Share Data40 GB$260$10 / 1GB
Mobile Share Data50 GB$335$10 / 1GB

Prepaid Data Plans

Data PlanDataPrice
Data Connect Pass2 GB$25 / 90 days
Data Connect Pass
Auto Renew
1GB$14.99 / 30 Days
Data Connect Pass
Auto Renew
7 GB$50 / 30 Days


With Verizon you have two choices to connect your trail camera to their services.  You can create a new plan which will charge you a stand alone $30 activation fee, and you can add multiple cameras to that plan for $10 each camera, and share the data, which is ideal if you are running multiple cameras. There is no charge for cancellation, in the case you desire to only use your camera for a few months out of the year

If you already have a mobile shared data plan for your cell phone, you can add a camera to that account, for a $5 fee. The data you use with your camera will be shared with your original plan.  

Connected Device Plan2 GB$20 / Month
Connected Device Plan4  GB$30 / Month
Connected Device Plan6 GB$40 / Month
Connected Device Plan8 GB$50 / Month
Connected Device Plan10 GB$60 / Month
Connected Device Plan12 GB$70 / Month
Connected Device Plan14 GB$80 / Month
Connected Device Plan16 GB$90 / Month
Connected Device Plan18 GB$100 / Month
Connected Device Plan
20 GB$110 / Month
Connected Device Plan30 GB$185 / Month
Connected Device Plan40 GB$260 / Month
Connected Device Plan50 GB$335 / Month
Connected Device Plan60 GB$410 / Month
Connected Device Plan80 GB$560 / Month
Connected Device Plan100 GB$710 / Month

Final Notes

It is easy to see how you can get lost in the weeds when setting up a cellular trail camera.  There are a lot of options for services, which will add to the overall confusion.  Be sure to keep the price of the service in mind along with the quality and price of the camera to make the best decision for your situation.  In many cases a higher quality camera with a higher upfront price, may be cheaper in the end when you add into account the monthly service fee. 

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