Trail Camera Selection Guide

With hundreds of trail cameras on today’s market, it can become extremely difficult, and sometimes frustrating trying to choose the perfect trail camera for your situation, and budget. With a database of over 200 cameras from all of the leading manufacturers, we have designed a selection guide that by answering simple easy to follow questions, can lead you to the trail camera that best fits you.

How it works

We will ask you a simple question, with a few options to choose from. You choose the answer, by simply clicking on the photo, that best fits what you are looking for. Through a series of these questions, we will narrow down your options, and give you the best available cameras from your selected criteria. (These are not recommendations. These are just the cameras that best fit you preferences. If you would like our personal recommendations, visit out recommended products page).

If you don’t completely understand the options, don’t worry we will have a brief description of each answer at the bottom of each page.

Lets Get Started!

How will you primarily use your trail camera?