Trail Camera Mounts

Whether its for trail camera security, or a need for versatility, there will come a time when hanging a trail camera with the manufacturer provided strap is no long an option.  These trail camera mounts are not only quality products, but items I use almost exclusively.


If you have ever ran into a situation where there is no perfect tree location, or maybe no tree at all, stic-n-pic is the best option on the market for this problem.  Designed and manufactured in U.S. it is the most versatile trail camera mounting system on the market.  Simply stick the mounting base into the ground, attach your camera to the tripod and adjust the direction and angle you need.

There is no messing with straps that become loose over time, and no need to jamb a stick in behind the camera to get your desired angle, every adjustment is made to the mounting bracket by simply pointing the camera in your desired direction.

In the event that you need to add another camera to that location, they offer an add a cam mounting system that gives you the ability to add another camera to the same tripod.  Each mounting system adjusts independently so you wont have to worry about getting your camera in the right direction.

The versatility is unmatched.  I have used the Stic-n-pic in cattail marshes, creek beds, and even alder thickets.  Its easy to conceal, and holds firm in which ever position you need.  You can check out the price on Amazon.  I highly recommend this system for every trail camera user.

Hawk Micro-Pro Game Camera Mount

There are hundreds of screw in trail camera mounts on the market, and all of them do virtually the exact thing.  What sets the Hawk Micro-Pro above the rest, is the ease in which it screws into the tree.  Before I used this mounting system, I would have to bring a drill and pre-drill the hole into the tree before screwing in the mount.

Hawk’s accessories, whether it be bow holders or trail camera mounts, have always been easy to thread into trees, even during the coldest months of the year.

Aside from the ease of use, the Micro-Pro also has an additional mounting system aside from the traditional 1/4-20 thread in the bottom of the camera.  They use a patented quick snap mounting system that sticks to the back of your camera with the highest grade 3M self adhesive tape.

The quick snap mounting system allows for you to switch out cameras quickly and easily without having to go through the process of remounting cameras.